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Do you know the problem, that all your shirts are too short? And you are still a teenage boy, with a teenage body. Men’s clothing is not your thing yet.

Well then you can buy your shirts now at BELOKI SHIRTS. Cool shirts and hoodies in bright colors. With prints you like. The shirts and hoodies are specially made for teenager’s bodies  from size 1,68m until 2.00m. So good fitting sizes and longer.


The important qualities of our brand:

1. Quality

2. Perfect fitting for teenagers

3. Service


Is a child now bigger than before?

The average length of a child has the last 100 years increased. This is mainly due to better food. A child is average 1 to 5% longer, then 50 years ago. Scientifics’s have estimated that children are these days an average of 20 centimeters longer than 200 years ago. Expected is that people will still become longer in the future. 


Children are becoming longer and longer, especially in Northern Europe, United States of America and Canada.

The prints on the shirts are selected with my son and his friends. If you have a great idea for a print, let us know by mail. We will see if we can use it on an article in a next collection.

To reduce costs we are shipping the articles at this moment, in plastic (organic) bags. Depending the success of the web shop, we will continue look at the costs and environment friendly shipping possibilities. 

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